Why work with Farland Digital rather than a larger IT service provider?

For huge enterprise projects, you should certainly work with a large firm. But for exploratory, self-contained, small-to-medium scale work and prototypes, it is more efficient to work directly with a highly experienced developer/designer, whether you're a small businesses, an entrepreneur, or an intrapreneur in a larger organisation. Communication is easier, costs are greatly reduced, and quality is high - you only pay for experienced developer time. Nothing is lost in translation. I have chosen this niche because it is where I can add the most value.

Why not just outsource my project somewhere very cheap?

It's usually a nightmare. Ask anyone who has done this. Even if the project is completed, it is often full of bugs, or the brief has been misinterpreted. Support is scarce and communication is painful.

I have had clients come to me after being burned by providers who have left them with broken, incomplete, unmaintainable software, in need of salvaging. In some cases, the code is so bad that I can do nothing but throw it out and start from scratch. It's a huge waste! These people who behave unprofessionally lower the tone of our young industry. I know that trust is very important and hard to come by in this industry, so I do my best to take care of my clients.

It is better to pay a fair rate for an experienced, quality provider who will act as a partner and stand by their work.

How do you charge?

The initial quote, and up to 3 hours of consultation time to produce it, are free.

All other tasks are charged at 70 EUR per hour. This includes design, development, consultation, and project management.

This arrangement minimises risk for both parties, and provides excellent transparency.

Contact me if you would like a copy of my standard service contract. Modifications are certainly possible, if needed and agreed.

Can I get a discount?

I'm willing to be a bit flexible on rate with trusted long-term clients, or consider in-kind trading.

How will we communicate?

I usually work remotely, using whichever tools suit (Phone, Skype, Chat, Email, Google Docs, Github, Trello).

If we are in the same city, I'm happy to work with you on site.

What programming languages, databases and other technologies do you use?

My day-to-day tools are: html, css, javascript, typescript, node.js, react, redux, go (golang), postgres, mysql, redis, elasticsearch, git, nginx, progressive web apps, react native.

I do not work with Angular JS, as I believe it is fundamentally flawed. I don't work with Java or .NET, but if you need, I may be able to refer you to some friends who work with those tools.

Generally, I can access my network of programmer friends to fulfill any specialist requirements.

Will you work with my existing development team / codebase?

If the technologies used are within my specialties listed above, or accessible enough that I can get up to speed quickly. I would also need to review any existing codebase, team, and process upfront.

Will you work on salary?

Yes, if the company, environment and role are sound.

Can I get you to do the initial phase, then hand it over to another team?

Absolutely - I write my code for other developers to read, and document thoroughly. I am happy to assist in any transition / handover phase.

We are an agency with a bit of overlap - can you handle it?

In most cases - it depends on your setup - please contact me to discuss.

We need to build a development team - can you help with hiring?

I've built high-performing dev teams before. Contact me to discuss.

I have an idea for a startup - do you want to work for equity?

Not as an employee, but I'm open to co-founding, tell me about your idea.

Will you sign my NDA?

Probably not, they are often risky for both parties. If you have some truly novel technology, a patent might suit your needs better.