A one man shop

Tim Farland

I'm Tim Farland, I live in Kerikeri, New Zealand and Tallinn, Estonia, and travel extensively.

I made my first website 20 years ago and have been working with the web ever since, as a developer, designer, product creator, and team head, for startups, agencies, and large corporates.

I formed Farland Digital as a consulting vehicle, and to develop my own web products.

Currently, it's just me, though I work with friends and specialists if needed for a project. But for most projects, I can do every part required. I think this is a good setup and have no intention to grow larger right now.

I took a BFA specialising in Digital Media from the Elam School of Fine Arts at Auckland University, and learned programming through many years of study from books, courses, and hands-on practice. There are amazing free resources out there for anyone who wants to learn this trade. I also offer training for those wanting a bit of extra help.

I'm also into making music, traveling, and being outside in nature.


Currently, I work a lot with my friends at n3xtcoder in Berlin. Check them out, they are doing nice projects and workshops and are top characters.