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I use the Lean Startup approach, saving you time and money, providing a product fit for its purpose.

You have an idea about how to remove some pain point for your customer, or create a new service that people will find indispensable. But, at the outset, it is very hard to know what exact mix of features and functionality will best achieve this.

So we start by capturing your idea together. It usually involves talking to current or prospective customers about their needs. You talk, I listen, record, and act as someone to bounce ideas off. My technical background will enable useful suggestions and critique.

Then we define a minimum viable product - a design with the smallest possible set of features that gives value and something to test.

I get to building this, in small, well-defined, transparent stages, communicating with you throughout. When it's ready, we get it in front of your customers, and observe how they use it.

A product is always more valuable 'in the wild.'

By providing something usable to people quickly, we can see how they actually use it, then make rapid improvements based on that knowledge. This is more efficient than doing a whole lot of heavy up-front planning, which delays time-to-market. It minimises the chance you are building the wrong product, or a bloated product with features nobody wants or needs. Those are very expensive mistakes!

You may then decide to make improvements to the product. We approach this in the same way - we make a new hypothesis, build and deploy the simplest changes needed to test it, and observe users to measure the effect on appropriate performance indicators. All the work is in small, discrete chunks.

Software is not like building, which is largely fixed. It's malleable, so it's best to approach it in a way that embraces adaptation.

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